Reach, Differently

How we reach, differently!

We began in 1984 as the Young Author’s Magazine (YAM) and became affectionately known to teachers, parents and kids as YAM.

We offer unprecedented and proprietary reach into the world of classroom education as a content provider for teacher development; technology policy implementation, and as a learning showcase project publisher.

We offer three sponsor opportunities for reaching into public and private schools and educational programs:

1. Professional Development Course Participation
2. Best Practices Resource Manual Presentation
3. Learning Showcase Project Sponsorship

Course Participation in the Collaborative Pathway

Our Collaborative Pathway allow learners to interact with one another and develop shared resolutions to each collaborative management question. Technology brands may participate in each of the question discussions as a course participant. Only course registration is required.

Technology brands may also sponsor a collaborative question and be recognized as follows:

“This discussion question is hosted by (brand name)!”

Best Practices Resource Manual Presentation

Resource Manual Presentations allow technology providers to be a part of a course outcome project manual and a permanent technology reference resource for emerging educational technologies. Policy manuals in education administration are a staple for selecting, acquiring, implementing and managing classroom technologies for the digital infrastructure. They are shared extensively among educators and continually used throughout program management.

Learning Showcase Project Sponsorship

This is a fully digital program offering brand the opportunity to reach participants on all devices from PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

We have designed four reach elements to recognize all of the participants (teachers, students and parents) in the learning showcase process:

1. eAnthology (in Letter or A4 format): The publishing of student writing projects is what we have been doing since 1984. Now, it is fully digital and can be read on any digital device with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Since it is digital, it can be sent to the school/teacher for free distribution to students, faculty and parents. Schools may even post it to their Facebook® page for sharing with friends and followers.

2/3. Digital Certificates of Achievement (in Letter, A4 and mobile): One of the most popular features we used for many years is now digital – and mobile. Each teacher/student award is a fill ,out PDF and is sent to the school/teacher for free distribution to the participants. It can be printed on any printer – in color.

PLUS, the certificates can be saved as a .jpeg image and sent to parents for placement in the photo gallery of a smartphone or tablet – and for social media posting.

4. Publishing of the eAnthology as a Teaching Resource in the Journal of Mobile Teaching.

Every eAnthology selected by the projects review team will be archived in the journal for sharing internationally with the scholarly community.

For specific details on each of these reach opportunities, please request information from the Sponsor Coordinator on the About/Contact Us form.

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