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Mobile Learning Metrics™ is an ongoing study tracking the mobile teaching and learning environment. The segments of the mobile teaching and learning environment research are:

(1) Education Administration

(2) Education Facilitator (Online and Traditional Classroom Teachers)

(3) Education Consumers (Students)

Our Central Thesis

Our thesis is specific: the three different segments of the environment must interact successfully to sustain effective student outcomes, just as a product in the marketplace must interact successfully with the variables of consumer demands.

Our Frame of Reference

Our frame of reference for the study is a pedagogical structure of concepts, values, customs, and strategies by means of which each segment perceives, evaluates, and communicates ideas differently that impacts learning outcomes within the environment.

The Purpose of Our Research

YAMweb® seeks to collect, analyze and disseminate data findings that helps detect the impacts, trends and opportunities within the world of mobile teaching and learning. As more and more educational programs now rely on marketplace factors to fulfill mission imperatives, responses to these factors are necessary and essential to refine teaching program missions. Thinking about education as a product that is influenced by marketplace conditions is now essential.

Our tracking research is . . .

. . . longitudinal and ongoing, which means it examines the changing views of the same respondents over repeated periods of time. This provides confidence that the shifts in sentiment towards – or away from – mobile teaching and learning reflects actual changes in the pedagogy. We are asking the same panel the same questions at regular intervals across the study.

Data Presentations

Data findings are presented in Connecting the Dots reports in sets of one, five and ten question units that help identify areas of concern, conditions that could be improved, or difficulties that need to be addressed for the implementation and development of teaching in the world of mobile.


Reports present the findings from each segment in a comparative format.


All members have equal access to the published reports with the option to purchase a full report via the YAMweb® eStore.

Premium Members may purchase reports at a 50% discount via a premium member discount coupon.

Single Question Report: $12.00

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Links to Data Presentations

Metrics – Education Administrator

Metrics – Education Facilitator

Metrics – Education Consumer

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