Mobile Learning Metrics™

Mobile Learning Metrics™ is our cloud research program and the first authoritative source identifying the trends, opportunities and challenges in mobile teaching and learning. It compares the attitude, perception and preference differences for mobile teaching and learning between the following segments of the learning environment.

Education Administrators

Education Facilitators (online and traditional classroom teachers)

Education Consumers (learners)

Data Presentations

Findings are published bimonthly as eMetrics Reports.

View a Sample eMetrics Report, Here

Publishing Schedule

August 1, 2018 – Vol.1, No. 1
October 1, 2018 – Vol.1, No. 2
December 1, 2018 – Vol.1, No. 3
February 1, 2019 – Vol.1, No. 4
April 1, 2019 – Vol.1, No. 5
June 1, 2019 – Vol.1, No. 6

eMetrics Report: Vol.1, No.1Academic: $39

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eMetrics Report: Vol.1, No.1Corporate: $89

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