International Learning Showcase Program

How We Recognize Creative Teaching and Learning Achievement

Four elements have been designed to recognize all of the participants in the learning process: the schools, the teachers, the students and the parents.

1. An eAnthology (in Letter or A4 format)

The publishing of student writing projects is what we have been doing since 1984. Now, it is fully digital and can be read on any digital device with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Since it is digital, it can be sent to the school/teacher for free distribution to students, teachers and parents. Schools may even post it to their Facebook® page for sharing with friends and followers.

2/3. Digital Certificates of Achievement (in Letter or A4 format)

One of the most popular features we used for many years was the learning achievement certificate. It is now digital – and mobile.

4. Publishing of the eAnthology as a Teaching Resource in the Journal of Mobile Teaching.

Every eAnthology selected by the projects review team will be archived in the journal for sharing internationally with the scholarly community.

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