Fundraising Affiliate Program

The International Fundraising Affiliate Program is a shared revenue program based on items purchased at the YAMweb® eStore and Gift Shop through an affiliate’s web site. The process is known as Affiliate Fundraising and is the fastest growing program on the Internet for schools and educational programs.

How to be a Fundraising Affiliate

The requirements to be part of our International Fundraising Affiliate Program is to have:

1. A dedicated Affiliate Manager
2. A PayPal Merchant Account*
3. An active web site

* NOTE: all earned funds are issued to an active PayPal Merchant account and WILL NOT be issued to personal accounts. An annual IRS Form 1099 will be issued to each affiliate when required.

How to Get Started

If your school, education program or educational periodical publisher is interested in becoming a Fundraising Affiliate . . . .

Go Here

. . . . and complete the Affiliate Application. We will review your information and web site and contact you if we have any questions about your program.

Once you are approved, we will send you a digital package (zip file) of Creatives from which you may select to place on your web site. Each creative will have a coded link for recording all sales from your web site.

For the program FAQ’s and sample Creative, download this PDF.


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