The Florence Holbrook Reading Room

About Florence Holbrook

Short myths about animals, birds, and natural subjects from Holbrook’s The Book of Nature Myths. These explanations of the phenomena of nature given by early native peoples are told in a simple, yet interesting fashion. Most of the myths are drawn from Native American sources, but a few Greek and Japanese myths are also included. Written as a sequel to The Hiawatha Primer with a gradual increase in both vocabulary and complexity of expression.

Current Works

Myth: The Story of the First Hummingbird

Read the Story of the First Hummingbird 

Forthcoming Works

Myth: The Story of the First Butterflies

Myth: Why the Cat Always Falls Upon Her Feet

Myth: Why the Woodpecker’s Head Is Red

Myth: Why the Swallow’s Tail is Forked

Myth: Why the Serpent Sheds His Skin

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