How to Turn a Smartphone Into An eStore




Format: PDF, Quarto, 28 pgs.

Mobile e-commerce web sites are now an integral part of retail marketing, world wide. This resource covers the fundamentals of good site development; teaches you how optimize product sales from a tablet or smartphone; and, helps you select the responsive theme and graphics to create a beautiful selling experience for mobile customers.

This book helps to:

+ Identify and select the best Content Management System, theme and product presentation for a mobile e-commerce store.

+ Identify the most common errors of mobile e-commerce stores.

+ Develop an e-store to reach the maximum number of potential customers.

+ Recognize the characteristics of e-commerce sites and how to meet business-to-business or
business-to-consumer marketing objectives.

+ Review market research reports to remain aware of the trends and issues challenging mobile
e-commerce businesses.