Our History

We began in 1984 as the Young Author’s Magazine and soon became affectionately known to kids, teachers, and parents as YAM.

1. In 1988, we became the first American classroom publication to have a project exchange program with the People’s Republic of China (in cooperation with the Shanghai Educational Publishing House).

2. In 1992, we became a resource for Assignment Discovery (the Discovery Channel’s classroom cable program) and for four years we were highlighted on the Humanities segment, broadcast twice each month into school classrooms nationwide.

3. In 1996, we became the first classroom program to use Internet technologies (via AOL) as a classroom connection media.

4. In 2006, we became part of the UNESCO World Poetry Directory.

5. In 2009, we received a registered trademark for our digital program, YAMweb®.

6. In 2013, we began publishing selected poems, stories, and essays for viewing and reading on tablets and smartphones. This program continues today with an emphasis on critical thinking through creative writing.

7. In January 2018, we combined all of our resources into The YAMweb® Mobile Learning Cloud.

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