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What is the Research Portal

This Portal is a presentation of the quantifiable measurements of mobile learning from the YAMweb® Mobile Learning Research Project and the International Teacher Research Project.

By tracking and identifying

. . . the applications of mobile teaching technologies; the teaching methodologies across multiple learning environments; and, the developing opportunities to improve the quality of learning through refined assessment strategies we can build a pathway to understanding the needs of the rapidly growing generations of mobile learners.

Every area of mobile learning has specific performance metrics that need to be identified, studied and monitored over time. Through this data center we can help build the formative knowledgebase needed for teaching on mobile devices.

The International Teacher Research Project - Educators Researching Educators

Many educators would like to ask other educators a research question. This program will facilitate that action (with a single question or up to 10 questions) to over 15,000 practicing educators – worldwide!

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The YAMweb® Mobile Learning Research Project

The YAMweb® Mobile Learning Research Project™ is the presentation of findings from our tracking research to help identify the important impacts on and applications of teaching and training with mobile devices (specifically smartphones).

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