The Mobile Learning Metrics Portal

This Portal publishes discovers for the logistics of mobile learning that help build the knowledgebase for implementing mobile teaching and learning. The Portal includes:

The Journal of Mobile Teaching

The Journal of Mobile Teaching (ISSN 2164-6724) is a peer reviewed resource for managing, publishing, and networking research findings for mobile learning and teaching. Its mission is to present findings that help guide the development of innovative mobile learning strategies and techniques.

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JMT - Mobile Learning Metrics™ Research Reports

JMT – Mobile Learning Metrics™ Research Reports is a section of The Journal of Mobile Teaching dedicated to presenting the findings from the YAMweb® Mobile Learning Metrics Research program. This feature section helps mobile learning service providers evaluate and improve their program management and service performances. It can also help providers identify high-potential opportunities to grow and reach new customer segments within the fast-developing mobile learning marketplace. Monthly snapshots of findings and quarterly executive reports present the increasingly important role that mobile devices play in learning, utilizing “experience sampling” to gather data about how to use mobile technologies in teaching and training.

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JMT – Project Profiles

JMT – Project Profile is devoted to project presentations from the The Center for Teacher Development in Mobile Learning. As classroom teachers discover new methodologies and applications for mobile teaching and learning across their curriculums, profiles of outstanding project findings are published to the community.

Forthcoming January 1, 2018.

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