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What is the YAMweb® Mobile Learning Cloud

The YAMweb® Mobile Learning Cloud is a formative community focused on the development of cloud-based resources for learning on mobile devices. We develop and provide resources for teachers, researchers, parents, students, corporations, and organizations for learning differently on a mobile device.

We believe that the model for learning at a specific time in a specific place within a non-personal environment is no longer efficient, and that new ideas and methods are needed if we are to reach and teach the growing generations of learners in the world of mobile. 

We use fully responsive technology for our learning cloud. It may be accessed on a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone from anywhere, anytime.

Within the community, there are portals devoted to user collaborations and networking; mobile learning metrics presentations; mobile teaching methodologies, mobile instructional design and learning assessment; and, the first international mobile reading portal for on-the-go literacy projects  –  in 90+ different languages.

Our Mobile Cloud Services

Our Mobile Cloud Services

We format learning content to digital devices accessible by any browser from anywhere, anytime.

Our clients are public, private and charter schools; local and state governments; non-profit organizations; and, small businesses and corporations.

The learning units we produce for our clients are private and accessible only to specific, designated users.

From a single learning unit in a school classroom to a corporate training program, we can help facilitate cloud learning on any digital device. Use our contact system to inquire about how we can develop and host your teaching and training resources in our cloud.

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What is YAMweb®

We are a private, secure real time electronic communication service over the Internet, for communications among parents, students, educators and schools, that are accessed by mobile communications devices.

We provide education and information services via a global computer network, via mobile telephone device networks, and via a digital communication network.

We are a registered trademark of Regulus Communications, Inc.

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